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Bactana’s microbiome discovery platform enables development of products and therapeutics through the use of recent advances in molecular and DNA sequencing methods used to study microbial ecology. This platform allows Bactana to concentrate its product development on the interaction of an animal’s microbiome with its immune system & metabolism (immunometabolism) at an accelerated pace. Bactana’s initial focus is on its patented FPS™ product line which is supported by multiple calf trials that have demonstrated scours reduction, increased milk production, reduced mortality, improved feed efficiency, and growth. FPS is expected to provide similar benefits for swine, poultry, and other animals. Bactana has developed a breakthrough product with FPS and will continue making new discoveries related to the animal microbiome.

Our proprietary development platform, FPS, is based on the beneficial manipulation of the interaction between an animal’s
immune system and their metabolism (immunometabolism) in order to boost productivity while promoting good health.
– John Kallassy, chief executive officer


Global demand for high quality animal products continue to grow, especially in emerging markets. As a result, livestock producers around the globe are being called upon to produce more with fewer resources – all while maintaining a commitment to ethical and sustainable farming. It is generally accepted among the scientific community that antibiotic use in animals contributes to human resistance, posing a significant public health threat.

Bactana is working to overcome these problems by delivering safe, effective and inexpensive alternatives to antibiotics.

Our Research

The gut microbiota has an essential role in determining many aspects of life, including development of a healthy immune system. Bactana develops innovative products that leverage this complex interaction.

Rapid advances in molecular methods and DNA sequencing used to study microbial ecology have greatly facilitated our ability to understand the way microorganisms work at an accelerating pace. Bactana’s researchers are at the forefront of applying this science to the animal health field and are dedicated to developing innovative products that are safe, field tested for efficacy, sustainable, and demonstrate a clear return on investment for production animal farmers.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our research or to explore collaboration opportunities.

Our Team of Experts

The Bactana Team is Comprised of Innovators in Animal Health & Human Medical Devices, Leading Experts on Dairy & Beef Cattle Health, and Life Science Advisers. They Bring Leading Research Capabilities and Innovative Product Development Experience to the Animal Health Field.

  • William F. Leimkuhler

    General Counsel

    Mr. Leimkuhler advises technology companies on business, financial and legal matters.

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  • Serge Martinod, Ph.D., DVM, MBA

    Scientific Advisor

    Dr. Martinod is a multi-faceted animal health scientist and innovator.

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